Class: Etsy P.O.D. for Artists - Personalize your P.O.D.

Kathy Weller
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Take control of the print-on-demand customer experience in your Etsy shop! Artist Kathy Weller has spent years experimenting with ways to level up her Etsy customers’ experience DESPITE the uncontrollable aspects of P.O.D. fulfillment.

In this class, you’ll learn her 4 key methods that will help you deliver a customer experience that kicks lack of control to the CURB. Compel first-time customers back to your shop again and again. Earn five-star customer reviews — the kind with WORDS, get tagged on social media by your fans, and more. It’s all possible!

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Etsy P.O.D. for Artists: Personalize your P.O.D.

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Total running time
62 minutes
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