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Workshop: Pitching Your Creative Concept for Products (Replay)

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Are you an artist who is obsessed with creating characters and/or creative concepts with their own "universe"? Have you wondered how to pitch them to manufacturers? Have you wondered, "WHERE do I START?"

I have licensed my character brand collections for gifts and decor with companies such as Demdaco and Enesco Gift and have had my character brands published as gift books and greeting cards with companies such as Legacy Publishing, RSVP, and Peter Pauper Press.

In this recording of a three-day webinar class, originally presented in association with the former e-course platform, Modern Thrive, I spill my knowledge, experience, tips and tricks on how my character brands Cats@Work and Yoga Pals went from doodles I drew at my former full-time office job desk, into full-fledged, licensed gift and greeting card lines with major manufacturers. Through this class, I want to help you to succeed in doing this, too.

Some of the information I share in class

• How to start building your character brand
• Pitching your character brand to a gift company
• Maximizing your SKU's without losing your creative vision for the brand
• Ways to support your licensee in promoting your line
• Tips on ways to build synergy across licensees

This presentation includes real-life examples

I share
• My Brand Guide
• My own product concept pitch ideas
• How I have presented them to my licensees
• How I have pitched novelty gift books with success

I want YOU to be successful at pitching your character brand or creative concept, and I hope information I share in this replay helps you to do that.
Here's what you get:

• 4 VIDEO PRESENTATIONS (3.55 hours total) includes

- Three videos, one for each of the workshop-day webinar replays
- One introductory presentation detailed intro/class details video.
Student chat room is visible on-screen in ALL videos.

• 3 TEXT TRANSCRIPTS Full text transcripts for each of the three workshop-day presentations, so you can reference all of the spoken information at any time

• 3 SLIDE DECKS Slide decks for each of the three workshop-day presentations, so you can follow along with high-res, quality visuals

• 5 WORKSHEET PDFS Homework for each day

• 1 EXTRA BONUS PDF Some of Kathy's pitch materials ("Extra" PDF)

The Nitty Gritty:
I'm offering this as Free or Pay What You Want/Pay If You Want because I have no plans to re-record and update the class*. So, this is a golden opportunity to help you! Why not share my experience with you, so it can help you along on your own path? :)

As we are all well aware, the industry has changed. The majority of the info presented is still relevant, but the world changes rapidly these days, so please apply what works for you, and simply by-pass what doesn't.


Due to the videos being recorded live, the quality of the video and audio are passable,
but not great. However, I truly believe that quality and value of the content presented makes up for any of the video/audio discrepancies. I would not be offering this if I didn't think it was truly value-packed, even as-is. (Also, full materials are provided, which will fill in any gaps you may encounter.)

*All of the contents of this class are formally copyright-registered with the United States Copyright Registry Office.
I still own and retain copyright to all of the contents. By offering it Free / Pay as You Want, I am not tranferring the copyright to anyone, nor are the contents now in the public domain.
This class is here for you to enjoy and learn from for personal use, however it is not for repurposing in any way for commercial use. (In other words, don't make your own class materials from my materials and pass it off as your own. Now, I know you'd never do that, but I need to state this here in writing for those in the back, since I'm sharing all of this so inclusively.)

Lastly, I reserve the right to remove this class from my Dropbox and from this sale page (or change the payment structure) at any time. Dropbox costs money, I am not charging at the moment. Depending on number of downloads, etc., the Terms can change at any time.

Should you complete the order process, I highly recommend that you download the files as soon as possible, should anything change.

Thank you for your acknowledgment, your agreement, and your kind participation in abiding by the above! :)


Even though it's offered for free/pay what you want, you still have to go through the order process in order to receive your purchase receipt.

Once you complete the order process and receive your receipt, a link to a Dropbox folder containing all materials will be on your order receipt.

(Gumroad doesn't support downloads over 950 MB for Pay What You Want and this is over that threshold, so this is how I am doing it.)

If you have any issues with downloading, just message me.

If you do get value from this class and you'd like to reciprocate, please know that I appreciate you, and please feel free to do any of the following:

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Three-day video workshop + additional materials

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Workshop: Pitching Your Creative Concept for Products (Replay)

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